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Meet the Makers


Meet the makers Ink Wendy HaslamWendy Haslam - oil, acrylic, linocut, collage, ink

I move between mediums because I don't want to become stuck painting the same picture. My ideas come from overheard conversations, books, dreams, I am trying to hold on to something transient or to turn imagination into reality.

I returned to printmaking after 30+ years and it stretches and excites me creatively. Its newness stops me being safe or lazy, something unexpected always happens.

I used to work in such a restricted way in case things when wrong; i don't want to play it safe any more.

"Only he who attempts the absurd is capable of achieving the impossible."


Meet the makers Soap Spencer Bowden

Spencer Bowden - soap, skincare, bath and shower

For me it’s all about the alchemy; taking raw ingredients and blending them into something new, and in the case of soap a whole new physical form (liquid oils into solid bars). The textures, the colours, the fragrances are an added bonus on top of the wonderful healing properties these ingredients contain.
I love the way you can take a simple plant oil and use it for many different things. For instance, people put olive oil on their salads, they dip bread in it, they cook with it. That same oil is super moisturising on the skin, can protect it against harsh weather, help fight the signs of ageing, and make wonderful soap (amongst other things).
Companies have spent years and billions of dollars creating creams, lotions and potions for the skin with all sorts of man made chemicals, yet nature already provides everything you need. My mission is to create skincare products that work with the simplest possible ingredients that are not only kind to your skin, but kind to the planet. That’s why I try to use only plant based ingredients in my products.


Willow Phil Bradley Meet the maker

Phil Bradley - willow, wood, weaving, sculpture, furniture making

For me the whole process begins with the raw material. It defines the product.

This time of year you will find me harvesting in the willow beds, coppicing hazel or sourcing some wind blown oak for my benches and furniture.